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Events on Mesozoic Island are special periods of time where additional features or dinosaurs are unlocked. Events can range from a special dinosaur spawning to competing against other players to complete a goal. Dinosaurs and items obtained from events are typically valuable, since the only way to obtain them is through their designated event.

Current Events


Past Events

Happy Birthday, Quas

To celebrate Quas's birthday, Prismatic dinosaurs are twice as likely to spawn!
[October 7, 2020]

Mesozoic Island's First Contest Event

A contest between trainers to test their ability in training dinosaurs. Trainers had two weeks to train their contest dinosaur as much as possible in order to earn special rewards.
[September 7 - September 20, 2020]

Double Contest XP

Contest dinosaurs received double experience for the remaining duration of the contest.
[September 20, 2020]

End of Version 1 Event

Main article: End of Version 1 Event

The End of Version 1 Event was to hype up players for the release of Mesozoic Island Version 2. Multiple raffles were held for various items to be released in the new version of the game. Additionally, Chickens spawned alongside the standard dinosaurs, which dropped special items when defeated.