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Daily Schedule

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The time on Mesozoic Island follows Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for all of its activities. At midnight UTC every day, trainers' dailies will be reset, the selection of dinosaurs from dungeon tickets is reset, a new quest is handed out, and possibly more, depending on the day.


Main article: Dungeons

Throughout a trainer's journey on Mesozoic Island, they might discover a looming tower with a very powerful dinosaur guarding the top. This is known as a dungeon, and trainers work together to clear the difficult battles on each floor. Clearing the dungeon rewards trainers with Dungeon Tokens, which can be used to unlock Dungeon dinosaurs.


Main article: Eggs

Various researchers find dinosaur eggs hidden around the island and often donate the eggs to Professor Megan. In order for the dinosaurs to be researched, they must be taken care of by a trainer. Professor Megan will offer trainers the chance to get a dinosaur egg whenever one is donated to her.


Main article: Guilds

Guilds are a way to show one's affinity toward a particular element. In each guild, trainers will learn the secrets to boosting dinosaurs of that element. Each guild has a guildmaster, which changes every few months and the guildmaster can host fun events for all the guild members.